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The Power of Music

Music is a fascinating subject. It has the power to bring you to tears, make you feel emotions you didn’t know existed, make you smile so hard or bring you comfort in your time of need. As I mentioned earlier music has the power to bring comfort, but most importantly it can give you hope, where ever you are in the world who ever you are.

For every person the piece that has to power to do that to them is different, for some it could be a Sonata by J.S Bach, a Tchaikovsky symphony, a film score by John Williams or Adele’s latest album. But each one of these can be just as powerful/ moving in emotions for the listener, whether it is a live performance or a recording.

So I find it so sad and awful that authorities: local councils and the government are reducing and even cutting funding for local music services and its part in a education, making it seem that music is not important for a children and that there is little benefit from the subject, when in fact there are huge benefits and can have such a positive impact on a child’s life from increasing their exposure to music.

I was able to see this myself in November when we organised an outreach visit to a primary school close to where I am studying.  Throughout the performance, the children were smiling, swaying to the music and some started singing along with us while we played. It was amazing to see how swept up they became in the music and their eagerness carried through into the workshop, wanting to play and take part. It is one of the best things I have ever done and seeing them smiling made it all worth it.

Which is why I don’t understand why  authorities are determined to cut music out of children’s education, when it should be encouraged as it allows every child to flourish and thrive individually and bring them so much joy.

Let me know what you think, and leave a comment below

Charlotte x


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