There aren’t many books or films, which I can strongly relate to, and even know and understand some of the struggles. Which is why I feel so strongly about this book and that it should be on every young persons reading list so every young person has the chance to read it. One of the reasons for this is that this is Lily talking about her life and she is writing based on her experiences. And there is a honesty in her writing, which as a young person I loved because it felt like she was often in the room reading it to me.

Another reason this book is important is Collins talks about issues that have affected her including her eating disorder and past relationships, and each of these is their own chapter. They aren’t brushed over as in many conversations today or given a couple of lines in the middle of the book and even not mentioned at all. Instead she writes long ‘essays’, which is how she describes her chapters, about them and writing about the aftermath and how the recovery is still on going.

For me I found a comfort in her pages, and surprisingly reassurance which I never thought I’d find through reading a book. So give it a read, its one that you won’t regret, I promise that.

Heres till the next time

Charlotte x


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