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If I could recount every time I’ve been told that change is good, I’d have no need for my student loan. But it can be hugely underestimated how much of an effect it can have on us.

My life has been through so much change that sometimes I don’t even recognise it. Don’t get me wrong, some of it has been incredible and other parts have made my life so much better. But some of the change has been heartbreaking and only now I am beginning to come to grips with it. 

One of the changes that I am finally accepting and realising the consequences is moving house. Now in fairness I know loads of people do this all the time but I have never moved not until I started uni. From the moment I was born I have always lived in the house. Originally I was very in different about it and was ready for the change but it’s when you are show what follows next, that for me was when the magnitude of this hit me.

So this is how I coped and still am coping with it:

1. Crying- in a way I am grieving a loss of something that has been a fundamental part of my life and if you need to cry for your own reasons then let go and cry.

2. I have started to create an album of happy memories and good times over all the years spent in the house. But make sure it’s positive.

And lastly

3. Take the time you need to adjust to the change in your own life because we all process things differently and at different speeds. So never be hurried into accepting changes sooner than you ate.

If you have any thoughts you want to share leave a comment below.

Love Charlotte x


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