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Being a ‘fan’

Today it is a given to be a ‘fan’ of something from a comic to a film or someone. But often I get people turn to me and say ‘your obsessed with…’ or ‘I wouldn’t have put you down as being a fan of…’. On separate occasions I have also been told I need to ‘get a life’ and lastly that it is only a passing phase. 

Yes that is true everyone has periods in their life where they are short and you are discovering what you love and don’t love. But to me I have found that you find yourself a fan of someone/thing because of so many reasons but also through the connection you form. Through this connection and love it can provide a person a lot of things: comfort, hope, encouragement, joy, happiness, friendship. In my opinion I think that this list is endless because it is different for each person. 

One thing I realised recently was the reason for the thorough questioning about my loves is because I am a woman. I know many men who have obsessions and huge fans over many different things but I have never known them be asked ‘why?’ had all the questions I have been asked thrown them or been told it’s weird. 

So my question to all of them is why can’t a woman be a fan? Why can’t a woman be passionate and devoted to a film/ TV show/ actress/actor. When the media has been produced for everyone to enjoy: woman, man, child let them all enjoy the work.

So my last bit is if someone tells you they are a fan of something be positive about and be respectful. I’d love to know your views and opinions about this.

Charlotte x


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