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Being a ‘fan’

Today it is a given to be a ‘fan’ of something from a comic to a film or someone. But often I get people turn to me and say ‘your obsessed with…’ or ‘I wouldn’t have put you down as being a fan of…’. On separate occasions I have also been told I need to ‘get a life’ and lastly that it is only a passing phase. 

Yes that is true everyone has periods in their life where they are short and you are discovering what you love and don’t love. But to me I have found that you find yourself a fan of someone/thing because of so many reasons but also through the connection you form. Through this connection and love it can provide a person a lot of things: comfort, hope, encouragement, joy, happiness, friendship. In my opinion I think that this list is endless because it is different for each person. 

One thing I realised recently was the reason for the thorough questioning about my loves is because I am a woman. I know many men who have obsessions and huge fans over many different things but I have never known them be asked ‘why?’ had all the questions I have been asked thrown them or been told it’s weird. 

So my question to all of them is why can’t a woman be a fan? Why can’t a woman be passionate and devoted to a film/ TV show/ actress/actor. When the media has been produced for everyone to enjoy: woman, man, child let them all enjoy the work.

So my last bit is if someone tells you they are a fan of something be positive about and be respectful. I’d love to know your views and opinions about this.

Charlotte x


Dare to be Wild

Interesting title don’t you think? For me this title makes me imagine images and scenes which have nothing to do with the plot of this film.

This film was released back in 2015 and for me what makes this so endearing and a beautiful film is that it is a true story, an Irishwoman Mary Reynolds who works as a landscaper and wants to compete in the Chelsea Flower Show. The film follows her through on her journey to compete in this competition. 

One name you may recognise on the cast list is Tom Hughes, who in Autumn played the role of Prince Albert in ITV’s Victoria. He stars as the leading man in the film supporting Emma Greenwell in her portrayal of Ms Reynolds. 

This film for is such a good example for young girls and women of preserving and following their dreams even if there are obstacles large and small because the end result will make it all worth it. What is also lovely about it, is it will give you a smile and bring you some hope.


Charlotte x



Welcome to my Library!


Welcome, I hope you have a cosy seat or if your standing while reading this I hope you can find that cosy spot perfect for reading. Here you will find a range of posts from my thoughts and views on a variety of topics, reviews and recommendations to stories I want to share with you all. 

As well as sharing my own thoughts, I would love for you to express yours here too, so feel free to ask any questions and comment away. 

I hope you enjoy your time in my library, 

Charlotte x